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Boost the productivity
of your organization up to 2X !

Thanks to a collaborative digital univers, combined

with high-value coaching !

Give life to your organization

Orizon allows each member of your organization to express their feelings, share their experiences, raises some issues, shares some news and to become a key actor.

Along with standard features such as chat, visioconference, actions, it includes

An innovative forum to share news, ideas and issues

Possibility for each employee to share feedback and thank you

A weather icon for each employee expressing its daily mindset

A support for manager to animate their team meetings as well as their 1to1

A very high return on investment ( ROI )

Monthly cost of the SAAS solution per user

Positive consequences of higher engagement, reduction in employees absenteism & turn-over.

Launching fees invoiced by Orizon

Continuous improvement dynamic, higher productivity, better quality, shroter production & sale cycle

Time spent by your managers at launching.

Higher agility of the overall organization.

Support at the heart of the approach

We understand that our customers are at the center of our business, and providing them with exceptional support is our top priority.

High Value coaching support at every layer

Orizon supports every area of your organization such as employees, managers, excecutive

Create trust
• Welcome at arrival
• Welcome of the feeling
• Caring manager
• Creation to the culture of feedback and thank you
• Virtual personalized coaching
Lean management

• Create agile teams

• Performance monitoring (KPIs, OKR)

• Analyse and solve problems (A3, 5W)

• Continuous improvement

• Managers virtual coaching

Unique tools for executives

• Team Mapping and monitoring

in real time

• Clearly identified and actionable problems flows

• Real-time exchange and communication with employees

Interacting teams

• Problems identified and resolving together

• Sharing of ideas and achievement

• Process management Stimulation and gamification

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