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Privacy Policy

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1. Général

New Orizon has developed several SAAS solutions that aim to provide good managerial practices to companies. 4 solutions are currently managed by New Orizon:

  • WimTim, SAAS platform which provides the best management tools inspired by Netflix, Toyota, Amazon.

  • Meeteo, Add-on Teams to help companies improve their meetings

  • Talk-Time, Gmeet add-on to monitor talk time during a meeting

  • Mugplanner, Creation of coffee between people of an organization

2. Objet

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform Users of the procedures applicable to the processing of their Personal Data in the context of the operation of the Applications. It specifies the conditions under which New Orizon may collect, process, store, transfer, use and disclose Personal Data.

3. Définitions

Application: all the intangible elements that make up the WimTim, Meeteo, MugPlanner and Talk-Time IT solutions, in particular the database, the website and the mobile application.

Account: personalized access to the Applications for a User by means of his Identifiers.

General conditions of use: the general conditions of use of the Applications.

Application data: all information entered into the Applications by Users.

Personal Data(s): any information relating to an identified or identifiable User, directly or indirectly, contained in the Applications.

Intellectual property rights: these rights include copyrights, registered designs, model and design rights, patent rights, database rights, registered trademarks, manufacturing secrets, know-how or any other property right or industrial right, registered or not.

Supplier: the supplier of the Applications.

Identifiers: name and password of a User allowing him to access the Applications.

User(s): any person using or accessing in any way whatsoever all or part of the Applications.


4. General operation of the Applications

The Applications are technically accessible in two ways:

  • using the Web Platform with a desktop or laptop computer.

  • using the web platform with a smartphone or tablet.

Users access the Applications using their Identifiers.

5. Collect of Personal Data

The Personal Data collected by New Orizon are those that Users enter in the Applications or that are intrinsically linked to the Account.

Furthermore, for technical and/or security reasons, when a User uses the Applications, the server may automatically record certain usage data, in particular:

  • the date and time of connection;

  • the operating system.

  • the type of device; ;

  • the browser used;

  • the IP or IMEI address

  • the place of connection (network routing data);

  • the volume of data transmitted;

  • links followed;

  • the pages as well as the content consulted and the duration of such consultation;

  • as well as any other similar information and statistics that relate to the User's interactions with the Applications.


This usage data is collected automatically, in particular by cookies (performance and tracking cookies, functional cookies, technical cookies, navigation cookies, etc.) and beacons and/or through electronic communications protocols.

6. Use of Personal Data

Users consent to the use of their Personal Data by the site manager, for the purposes expressly defined in Article 4 of the GDPR.

Users also consent to the processing of their Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • Enforce the Terms of Use;

  • Improve the Applications, its functionalities, its ergonomics and the user experience;

  • Personalize the use of Applications;

  • Collect anonymous statistical data on User habits;

  • Prevent any illicit or illegal activities through the Applications;

  • Assurer la sécurité de des Applications ;

  • Modify or delete Personal Data.


7. Exploitation for research and development purposes

Users consent to their Personal Data, once anonymized, being used for research and development purposes.

8. Retention of Personal Data

Personal Data is stored in France in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, New Orizon having provided with the subcontractor appropriate guarantees in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Unless the User concerned requests its deletion, his Personal Data will be stored for 5 years, from the last use of his Account.

Anonymized data can be kept without any time limit.

9. Personal Data Security

New Orizon undertakes to take all reasonable technical and organizational measures to prevent the improper access, disclosure, modification, leakage or unauthorized destruction of Personal Data concerning Users.

Users acknowledge, however, that the use of the Internet is by definition not secure and that it involves certain risks for their Personal Data. It is their responsibility to ensure that the computer, tablet or smartphone they use to access the Applications is properly secured and protected against malicious software such as Trojan horses, computer viruses and worms.

In the event of a breach of personal data, New Orizon undertakes to notify the competent supervisory authorities and the User as soon as possible, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.


10. Authorized delegates

Users expressly consent to the processing of their Personal Data carried out in accordance with this Privacy Policy being delegated to authorized third parties, in particular the Supplier and its own subcontractors.

New Orizon undertakes that authorized delegates provide sufficient guarantees with regard to the processing of Users' Personal Data, and allow them to exercise the rights conferred on them by this Privacy Policy so that the processing complies with the applicable legal provisions.

11. User Rights

Users have the right at any time to:

  • Ask New Orizon whether the Application Data contains Personal Data about them;

  • Access their Personal Data;

  • Receive a copy of their Personal Data;

  • To modify or ask New Orizon to modify any erroneous Personal Data concerning them;

  • To ask New Orizon to erase their Personal Data when the Personal Data is no longer necessary with regard to the purposes for which it was collected, when the User withdraws his consent or when a reason provided for by a legal provision is applicable ;

  • To be informed of the appropriate safeguards implemented by New Orizon with regard to the transfer of Personal Data to a third country;

  • Submit a complaint to a supervisory authority.

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