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About us

Our history

New Orizon was founded early 2021 through the impetus of Xavier de Taisne. Top executive in a multinational company, Xavier did not find any satisfactory digital tool to create a true lean dynamic within his organization.

Based on this experience, he gathered a strong team of experts. They interviewed with dozens of other executives and lean management experts, reviewed extensively the academic research on how to optimize collaboration and performance within organizations, and conceive a new concept of digital platform to create a true human and performance dynamic within organizations.

With the support of CliniSciences, a French medium sized hypergrowth enterprise, New Orizon codevelopped the platfom with CliniSciences' teams to create a scalable product adapted to day-to-day issues of manager.

Along the way, New Orizon team identified some quick wins that could be easily implemented to obtain immediate gains for enterprises so MugPlanner, TalkTime and Meeteo were born from the wonderful Orizon's development teams!

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Our dream

Everyone has a unique personality, specific talent and history.

For us, there is no greater joy than a group where everyone can express its full talent and personality.

That is the beginning of all the great stories.

Our values

Our values reflect a vision of the company where engagement and performance can be fully reconciled

There is few things as gratifying as to become an integral part of a successful team. This is possible only by welcoming each one with its history, personality and unique talent and capacity.

And we are committed to innovate every day to fulfil this vision.

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Our team

Our customers

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